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Do you have an old car that does not run and it’s cluttering up your yard? Many people just do not have the time or money to repair the car and need it done away with. Junk car removal is a way to go in many instances they will come pick up the car for free. Look in your yellow pages or your local newspaper and look up Scrap car buyers.

Many junk car removal companies will turn around and take the car to a car recycling company. Car recycling is when a car is taken apart piece by piece and the useful parts are sold or used for spare parts on other cars. Many scrap car buyers may be an individual or a car recycling company. A junk car removal company may be listed under various names such as car dismantling yard, junk yard, car grave yard, and wrecking yard. Because of the changes in the economy in the recent and present years many car manufacturers are also involved with the junk car removal services. In order to make room in many autos junk yards the company will remove spare parts that are useable but then will use a car crusher for easy transportation to the recycle mill.

There are scrap car buyers who will purchase up to 1 million junkers a year within Canada alone. Individuals or industries who purchase out of commission cars make their living cleaning up Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton and Brampton and helping with recycling metals and spare parts that can be purchased at a cheaper price for the consumer. The scrap from a junk car is 75% recyclable the rest can be put into a landfill.

The steps a recycling company has to take in order to separate the hazardous materials from the recyclable materials can be time consuming. The steps are as follows,

  • Inventory of the usable parts
  • Check for leaks (if motor is still running)
  • Remove all fluids
  • Remove any hazardous materials
  • Crush car

Did you know that 75% of every car that has reached its end-of-life can be recycled and be used in the manufacturing of a new car? There is 25% of waste left that has to be put into a landfill. Many researchers are still working on a solution for a use for the 25%. The benefits from recycling older cars are as follows,

  • At least 14 million tons of steel is recycled from ELV cars. (Less clutter or trash)
  • The rate of manufacturing a new car and the rate of recycling and old car is 100%. The new car is made from recycled steel which makes it cheaper for the manufacturer and it reuses resources instead of having to take more from the earth.
  • 65% of the steel is used to make new car bodies
  • Saves naturals resources and energy.
  • Conserves many pounds of iron, steel, and limestone.
  • Abandoned vehicles can now be legal obtained by a scrap car buyer to dispose of safely
  • Less contamination
  • Recycled and make money at the same time (as an individual)
  • Saves oil
  • Less mining for iron ore.

No matter the situation there are companies that an individual can take an old car and receive money per pound for recycling. This is a good way to clean up the area and make money as well.