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Scrap Car Removal Milton

Car Donation Toronto

Engage in a charitable endeavour - Donate your used and old vehicle for Charity!

Scrap Car Removal in Toronto – A Bit of Charity for the Society!

We are a scrap car removal service in Toronto operating from several areas of the GTA. Our aim for the cars donated to us is to share the complete proceeds of recycling them towards charity.

We work towards making Toronto, and the world at large a better place to live! In this endeavour, we invite all our customers and clients alike to do their bit to the society. If you have an unwanted, used car lying around, you can help!

Car Donation in Toronto – Send Your Good Wishes With Your Used Cars

When you have an old car lying in your backyard, abandoned and unwanted, all we ask is to give us a call to collect it. From collection to recycling, all the towing will be done by us. All the proceeds will then be handed over to charity, as a part of our program – car donation in Toronto!

Your job here is to help us locate you by calling on our toll-free numbers. While we do our job, you can sit back and relax knowing your old car is being used for a very good purpose.

Auto Wreckers in Toronto – Charity With a Difference

We are auto wreckers in Toronto, operating in many parts of GTA! Our aim here, as a charity program is to get the old and used car owners and the Charity mission connected on one stage!

All it is needed is a phone call from our customers to help the ball rolling. When you give us a call on our toll-free numbers to donate your old car to charity, we will start the proceedings from there!

We will collect it from your location, get it to our scrap yards to recycle it and let all the profits go to the charity. We adhere to all standards and have a green recycling process.

Have a car to give away? Call us today on our toll-free numbers!

Let us all get connected in this endeavour to produce a much cleaner, better and safer world for everyone!